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How it works?

Companies can create the survey questionnaires with in few minutes in a web interface and it can be downloaded to mobiles or tablets for taking survey. Interviewers can take the survey through the handheld device and data can be uploaded to the server from the field using GPRS.Results can be viewed in real time. Analytical Reports with graphs are available to view the survey results in web application.


  • This application can run in any android mobiles or tablets.
  • It has a web interface to form the questionnaire.
  • Various question types can be added.
  • Track interviewers GPS location on a real-time map.
  • Capture Pictures, Videos & audios into the survey.
  • Provides survey data with time stamp and duration.
  • Export Data to excel, word and pdf.

Analytics & Reports

  • Mapping out where all of your customers reside.
  • Understanding the market scenario with graphical representation.
  • Receive reports on corporate-wide trends.
  • Understanding local, regional, national, and global trends.


  • Improving efficiency by smooth workflow and valid results.
  • Reliability in giving error free data.
  • Simple and convenient process for interviewers.
  • Time saving in both front end and the back end.
  • Expand into areas where you know you already have a client base waiting for you.
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